Hello, since we began operating we have had numerous customers over the years purchasing in bulk from us. Some general guidelines to ensuring the tobacco and cigarettes don’t dry out too quickly we recommend are to store them in either an airtight container such as a Tupperware container and keeping them out of direct sunlight. Of course we do shrink wrap every carton so they maintain moisture for as long as possible when they are tubed but for some people who live in a warmer climate around Australia can still have them dry out quite quickly which can lead to a harsher or quicker burn on the cigarette. 

Another option is also refrigerating or freezing the cartons as they come in. This can prolong the moisture and keep them fresh for months at a time. If your tobacco or cigarettes have already been dried out and you’re looking to get some moisture back into them you may want to look into purchasing a hydro stone which are used by commercial companies shipping huge stockpiles of tobacco around the world. As for a home remedy you may use a potato skin or an apple skin in a bag for half an hour just to restore some moisture however this can affect the taste. 

Since we tube all our cigarettes ourselves and provide a cheaper alternative to commercially made cigarettes we do not use all the chemicals found in commercial tailor-made cigarettes which tend to keep them fresh for a much longer time. We hope this helps for anyone interested in wondering how to keep their cigarettes fresher for longer.

By aussie ryo


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